MINDMAN Solenoid Valve Model MVSC-260-4E2



        This is a 5 ported 4 Way Directional Control Valve used to move cylinders or actuators.  Supply pressure must be supplied to the center port on the side of the valve with the 3 ports.  The outlet ports on the opposite side are connected to each side of a cylinder or actuator.  The pressure will hold the cylinder in one position while the other side of the cylinder is exhausted.  When voltage is applied to one of the solenoids, the valve spool will shift causing air to go to the opposite side of the cylinder while exhausting the side that was pressurized.  This causes the cylinder to shift (or extend).  When the voltage is supplied ot the opposite solenoid, the spool causing the cylinder to return to it's original position.  This valve will stay in position when both solenoids are de-energized.  Mufflers may be added to the exhaust ports to quiet the air exhausting.  Adjustable Exhaust restrictors may be used to in the exhaust ports to control the speed of the cylinder.  If flow controls are used, they should always be placed in the lines between the cylinder and the outlet ports and control the air flow as it exhausts from the cylinder.




          Media- Air (Minimum 40 micron filtration)

          No of positions and Ports- 2 Position, 5 Ports

          Flow- Cv=1.0, Equivalent Orifice Area= 18 mm2, (47.0 cubic feet per minute at 80 PSI)

          Port Size- IN OUT = 1/4" NPT, Exhaust= 1/8" NPT

          Voltage range- plus or minus 10%

          Pressure Range- 24PSI min to 100 PSI Maximum

          Wire Insulation- Class F

          Weight= .50 lbs






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Mindman Solenoid Valve MVSC-260-4E2, 4-way, Double Solenoid, specify voltage

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